Strange opening of a grave in Pakistan

Another horrifying incident has taken place in Pakistan. As per the local one of the graves in a local graveyard is opening and closing itself all the time. This grave is definitely something which has scared the locals and even in day time they have stopped coming to this part.

Now the locals are afraid to reach out to any security agency. They feel that if they did that then the grave will haunt them. There is only one person who is ready to take this matter to some serious brains but the others are not allowing him to do so.

Now keep in mind that the people of this area are not much educated. They are good in counting numbers which in fact any man can do. They are highly superstitious and believe in a lot of super natural things running on this earth. Now one can argue on this here.

The lack of education makes things worst for people and the people in India and Pakistan are at the top in the ranks of people who believe in super natural things. This is only because these people don’t have much education. Education broader a mind and cultivates it.

Now there is no such thing like this grave. The local police was informed about this case. A few policemen raided the place and night and found out that some people used to come here at night and plan their bad activities. Now when they saw people coming to this place often they decided to make weird sounds and let them run away. Now the police has caught those people and they even told the locals about this as well. Still the people are not believing what they have been told by the police. People think that police is on a mistake and there are supernatural things present in that grave yard. They need to look at it.

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