Shameful side of the Pakistani girls

This is one of the most shameful sides of the Pakistani girls. Their parents have a huge fault in it as well. They don’t marry their girls at the right age and as a result the girls used to take a wrong turn and make their lives a hell. This is what is going on with Pakistani girls.

In Pakistan there is a problem of dowry as well. The parents of the boy mostly give a long list of things to the parents of the girl and asks them to give them as gift in marriage. This is shameful and so somewhat barbaric. This is not how it is done. Marriage is a different thing from this.

Now this is proven fact that one should get married when he or she becomes adult. The reason is that the needs starts to grow fast when a boy or a girl becomes adult. So to control all these issues marriage is the perfect solution.

Scientifically and religiously it is a proven fact now. If you are having problems while being adult then you should get married and most of the physical issues are automatically resolved with it. But now this does not happen and it is creating issues for young boys and girls.

There are many girls and boys in Pakistan and many other parts of the world who lose their virginity before marriage. Now that is not the right case. You should know that there are ethics and rules to follow while you are living on this earth. These rules are made by God. So there is always a solution provided.

Marriage is the best one but now people have become greedy. They want to do business while making such relations. Dowry is the perfect example of this greed. People even don’t get their things right in this part as well. many of them wants things which are not even of their use.

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