Indian army exposed by Indian women

The Indian women are onto the streets of different cities and they are protesting against the Indian army. As per these ladies the Indian army is not treating them well and they are being molested by the troops. Now these are some serious allegations.

If on one side the Indian army is not happy with the seniors then on the other side there are people who are not happy with the Indian army as well. So things are a little bit problematic in India these days. The biggest democracy in the world is going through some tough days.

A lot of women were on the road this morning and many of them did not even had their clothes on. The press and media ran to the sites and recorded the interviews. Now the statements which came from these women were shocking. Many of them came from the villages that are near the border of different countries. They said that the Indiana army is torturing them all the time. They come to their village and molest the females. This is a crime and the government should take action on it.

Now we already know that there are news of corruption in the Indian army as well. Many of the soldiers posted at the borders are absolutely annoyed with the facilities they are getting. We have seen a couple of videos being made and they went vital on social media. Indian media are following this news as well.

As per the soldiers the high rank officers are living their lives in a bliss. Only these lower rank soldiers are present to die for the country. There is no proper food and accommodation. The soldiers want to quit this job and try something else. This is what is wrong here. There are a lot of issues growing up in India. The people want solutions for all these issues at the earliest.

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