Date caught in the fields by locals

Another incident of a date caught in the fields and yet again controversy rises in this area. Now the people amongst the locals are divided into two groups over this issue. The first one says that the couple should be have been given the privacy here.

The second group is more orthodox or call them theocratic as they are against such things. They say that this is a menace to the society and put a bad impression on the little ones. This needs to be stopped. As per the customs the locals will decide about the fate of this couple.

As per the news the boy involved here works in the near city and he did not come to the village for the last six months. His girlfriend lives in the village. Now when the boy came to the village after this many months the two decided to meet.

Now when they met in the fields which is one of the perfect dating points in village life the villagers were informed by someone and they all raided the place. Now it has been reported that the boy was beaten as well. The girl was also scolded hard.

Now those who are educated in the villagers are absolutely against all the actions that have been taken by the villagers. They said that the boy and girl should have been given the privacy. They were lovers and this should have been kept in mind. The girl and boy were really scared.

Now this is India the modern day biggest democracy and the interesting thing is that the Indian government claims this as well. This is not democracy because in democracy everyone has the right to do whatever they want to. There is freedom of speech in it. Here we see this couple being scolded and even beaten as well. so this is certainly not the democracy at all.

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