Baby saved in a washroom

A shocking incident in China as the police rescued a baby from a public washroom. The baby is now save and in a hospital. The mother of this baby is gone and the police is in search for her. It was the neighbors who called the police after listening to the cries.

The baby as per the police was in the washroom and it is a newly born. The mother must have left her there and ran away. The police said that they are after her and soon she will catch her. The world has become a cruel place indeed. Even the mothers are becoming heartless.

The details of this incident are reported by one of the neighbors. They said that they started listening to the voice first. They thought that the baby and the mother both are in the washroom and hence they did not take much notice of the crying.

But then the crying kept on coming from the washroom and they did not hear any other sound. That was the time when they got worried about the baby. They immediately called in for help and the police was there at the place in no time.

There was a search made and soon the baby was found. The baby is perfectly healthy and there is no problem with him. The only issue is that her mother is not there and she needs to be searched. The police is after her and they said that they will find her in a couple of days.

As per the police the woman has to explain her actions. This is not a small thing. If she had issues then she should have told someone but this is not the solution which she has done here. The police are at the moment searching in the localities for the women and might soon find her out as well from the place.

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