Anaconda goes for a hunt in a house

Another incident in the marine areas and another giant snake has been captured inside a house. The lives of people living near the marshy areas has become tough now. Every day someone gets visitor in the form of a giant snake. This one here had its lunch before being caught.

As per the owner of the house, he heard some noise outside the house in the day time. He first thought that his goat was on the loose but then he did not hear any voice as well. He went outside and saw a giant anaconda taking his goat as food. The man did not make much noise and called the security officials.

Now the security officials had no issues in capturing this giant snake. He already had the goat in its stomach and as a result he was reacting sluggish and tired. The policemen captured the snake from the head and the tail and then put it in a van.

The owner was a little bit depressed for his goat. He said that the goat was pretty young and was the main source for milk. But still he was satisfied that the giant snake did not damage the humans present in the house. There were kids present in the house at that time.

These areas do get a lot of visits from the giant snakes. The marshy areas where these anacondas are living in abundance are not that much far away. No when the snakes do get their meal in time from those areas then they don’t come to this side. But if a snake does not getting something to eat from those areas then it definitely comes down here and takes some animals. Many of the villagers tend to sleep near their cattle. They believe that they can hear the voices properly by doing that and can get more chances in saving the animals.

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