Snake sitting on a grave in India

Another strange and mysterious incident has happened in India. This incident has happened in a village in India. As per there is an old shrine which now is nothing but a demolished rubble. Now there is a grave there and a snake is always sitting on this grave.

The villagers tried to scare the snake away but it is not moving at all. The snake has not attacked any one. It is just there sitting around and hence the villagers they too have not don’t anything wrong with the snake. The people have change their way from that place.

The villagers have no idea where this snake came from. They all think that the grave belongs to some saint and this snake is guarding this grave. Then there are some people who think this grave is of a sinner and there will be more snakes inside the grave.

The people have their own stories and it is up to the audience whether to listen to them or not. In the subcontinent story telling is a business and people have made a lot of fortunes in this business. Even in the name of religion this business is running.

There are many preachers and related people who are playing with the sentiments of the people. The lack of education plays an important role here as the people believe in all what they have been told. This is not the right approach.

Now interestingly those people who have taken some education don’t believe in any of these stories. They know that how the religions want them to live their lives. All of them have simple laws given and then there are some commands. You don’t have to be a super human to walk on the path of religion. Islam is one of the simplest and most effective way to living your life. This religion engulfs every aspect of life.

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