Saeed Anwar telling about Junaid Jamshed

Saeed Anwar was with Junaid Jamshed in Chitral. Junaid and Saeed both were to return to Islamabad on the same flight. But then Saeed Anwar had to do some work which was pending and hence he did not get to the plane. Junaid and his wife went with the flight.

After this we all know what happened. Junaid is not any more with us. He was a great man who was blessed with all those things which a common man desires. He was famous first for his songs then for his Hamds and Naats and then for his clothing line.

As per Saeed, Junaid used to make a prayer to Lord to make him famous so that the whole world knows him. Saeed said that he was indeed famous. People across the globe knew him. He said that we are cricket players and we think we are famous.

But Junaid was not been close to being a cricketer and yet he got all the fame in the world. People knew him for his songs. Then when he left the music then the Muslims all around the globe knew him for his Hamds and Naats. Saeed said that in the KSA, when they used to go for Umrah or Haj, he saw people chanting the name of Junaid Jamshed. Then there were bog hoardings of his clothing brand seen around. So there is no doubt that he was blessed with fame.

Junaid wanted to take his last breath in the service of God. Even this prayer of him was accepted was accepted as well. Saeed said that he worked for God and the Lord took all his works in his own hands. Junaid was one of the luckiest men in the world. Junaid and his wife Neha dies in the last plane crash in Pakistan. His death gave the whole Pakistan nation a lot of sorrows.

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