Journalist slams Mufti Qawi in her interview

After Qandeel Baloch comes another woman who has issues with Mufti Qawi. As per this journalist Hani, Qawi touched her. There was no apparent reason for him to touch her. She said if there was any reason still he should not have touched her.

Qawi is already blamed to be the reason behind the Qandeel case. He is not coming to media to defend his case. He is hiding himself somewhere in order to let people forget the case and after that he will come out. These people are the main reasons people don’t trust them.

Qandeel got a lot of fame for her boldness. One day her photos with Qawi in a hotel room went viral on social media. Qawi was taken with heavy hands on social media. People said that he was there with her because of his own desires.

Qawi did give a lot of justifications but the audience was not ready to take them at all. He said that he was preaching her and all that but no one out ears to his talks. Qawi then decided to go in the dark. Even his political party left him.

Now another female journalist has come forward and spoken against him. As per Hani Taha it was Qawi who tried to touch her. Now there was no reason for him to do that but still he did it. He is a Preacher of the religion and his actions were all wrong.

As per Hani, Qawi is not a good man. He deserves to be punished for his actions. As per her Qawi played an important role in all the thing which have happened to Qandeel. Now Qawi is currently not in Pakistan and as a result the local authorities cannot reach him. The exact location of Qawi is not known to anyone for the time being. But he will return to Pakistan as per some reports.

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