Husband and wife got high and beat each other

It is somewhat serious as well as funny news that we are about to present to you. This case happened in the city of Gujranwala. A couple were celebrating their wedding anniversary and they took some alcohol as well. The alcohol did its effect on both of them.

After that the wife beat her husband and also called in the police. Now the police took both of them to the police station. When the effects of the liquid faded out only then the couple realized that they made a huge mistake of having it.

The police has taken both behind bars. Now this is something which tells us the direction of our society. Such liquids are banned in Pakistan for the Muslims. Also in the religion these drinks are prohibited and yet Muslims and Pakistanis drink them.

The husband and wife both are now facing some embarrassing situation. They are behind bars and their relatives are not happy with their action. But this is now it goes when you don’t follow the conduct of life told by the religion.

There are many aspects which needs to be discussed here. There is a ban of such liquids in Pakistan and one can ask here how these two got it. You cannot put blame on the government all the time. You have to speak to yourself first before taking an action.

If these two had their minds present than they should have thought not to do it. There was no government present in the night inside the home. So it is their fault and not the government. There are already rules applied by the government and one should obey them at all cost. This is a really bad thing which people do. They don’t have any fear in their hearts. The government should punish these people so that other takes a lesson from all this.

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