Biggest fights between anacondas and different animals

When it comes to anaconda you can say that this giant snake has the power to even take on animals like lions, tigers and panthers. Here we see some epic fights between and anacondas. It is surprising to see that it was the anaconda who won most of these fights.

The anaconda attack and fighting pattern is something which needs to be observed first. This snake is a giant in its size and there is no doubt about it. It takes the life of other animals by suffocating them and not letting them breath properly. This is what he does to every animal.

In the first fight we see a giant size lion getting into a fight against a python. Python comes from the family of anaconda. It is also huge in size and carries a lot of weight. The lion was passing by when the anaconda attacked it and tried to make it fall down.

Now anaconda never attacks only when it is hungry. If the anaconda attacks first then this is a surety that it was hungry and it went for food. Now when an anaconda you see is attacking first on any animal then be assure that the giant snake is hungry.

Anaconda never sees the size of the animal. It just attacks and tries to make the animal its lunch or dinner. This is how this giant snake plan to attack. Then come the mechanism. That is pretty simple and one can see it again and again here.

Anaconda immediately tries to wrap itself around the pray. When it does that, it started pressing the bones hard of the pray. The pressure and force applied by the anaconda break the bones of the pray and ultimately suffocates it. That is it, job done from the anaconda and after that it takes the lunch or dinner. This is a simple yet dangerous tactic.

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