Baby reciting holy words abroad

A small baby is seen here reciting the holy words. Now this little kid definitely cannot pronounce the words properly but you can feel that the theme is there. This video has went viral over the internet. A lot of people specially the Muslims are taking a lot of interest in this video.

Here we see this kid speaking the words after his father. It seems that man speaking to the baby is his father because the kid immediately answers and copies the words spoken by his father. This is a delightful scene to see here. The baby looks stunning here.

In the Muslim society the parents tend to this kind of things to the kids. They tell them to recite the holy words. This is a really good example set by the parents. The kids should know about the religion a lot. The way this habit is growing is good.

Now the effects of this practice is that kids tend to get an idea about the religion right from the start. In the west these things don’t happen. The parents don’t give them these kind of things to learn. They tell them about other stuff to learn.

Now that is not bad even the Muslims kids are given other stuff to learn. The kids do get to learn that other stuff like poems. But then at the same time they do get to know about the starting things about their own religion. The Jews do a lot of things to their kids. They have this habit.

Even when a Jew mom is pregnant the practices starts in her house. She is into music and sports. He plays a lot of puzzles and all this puts effects on her baby as well. The kid then gets s really good memory and is very much energetic as compared to many other kids of the world. This is a fact here.

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