Another example of uneducated people

This is just another example of people who are blindly following Islam and whatever they are told they obey it. Now keep this in your minds that their actions has nothing to do with Islam and the teachings of this beautiful religion. This is not ignorance and nothing much.

Here we see people torturing themselves and then thinking that they are on the right path. There is no concept of torturing yourself in Islam. This religion has some basic teachings and they are enough for common people. This is just the manifestation of some other concept but not Islam.

Here we see that these people are torturing themselves really hard and they are just jumping up and down. Now there are no signs of pain on any of their faces. They are just easily managing this ritual. This is something only they can explain. This is not Islam and not the teaching of it.

There is a certain sect in Muslims who believes that all these things are the practices which should be followed in order to walk on the right path. They do all kinds of torture on themselves and feel that they are doing some great service to God.

This is all too wrong. The way Islam asks its people to just obey simple rules is enough for the Muslims. These practices are only something which makes Islam a religion which asks its followers to torture themselves. Islam should not be blamed for this.

Islam is currently under threat and people and looking at this religion which is also the only complete religion in the world, People should not blame Islam for this. These are the personal choices which these people have made and that is it. If these are uneducated people then one should keep in mind that there are a few people who are educated as well. They know the real Islam as well.

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