Aamir Khan views on Dr. Zakir Naik

Bollywood star Aamir Khan was tried to be involved in controversy but the actor who has given a lot of interviews and has faced the media a lot now knows how to handle media. He skipped away giving a pretty rational answer to the media man.

Aamir was asked about the famous Islamic preacher from India Dr. Zakir Naik. Aamir was told that Zakir Naik feels that the bad factions amongst Muslims are doing the right thing. Now this is pretty wrong as he has never said such things nor he is involved in such things.

Amir said that first of all he would like to say that all the bad factions who are targeting innocent people are not serving any religion. He said that they all say that they are serving the religion but they are not. They don’t have anything to do with religion.

He said that in his opinion if the people think that they are a part of a religion and then doing this is religious then it is all too wrong. He said that people should know this for sure that these acts are not religious and no religion ever tells its followers to do these kinds of acts.

These people used the name of a certain religion for their own benefits. So these people and religions should be kept separate. If this does not happen then surely there will be confusion in the minds of the people about what religions in actual say and what these guys are preaching.

Aamir said that all the religions preach love and peace. Now if a religion is preaching love and peace then how come it preaches war and other kind of bad things. These people are the reason that normal people don’t follow religions. They all feel that they will turn up like them at the end. This needs to be stopped.

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