Raheel Sharif three demands to join Islamic Coalition force

Former head of the Pakistan army General Raheel Sharif has given three conditions to the Saudi Regime in order to join the Islamic Coalition force. Raheel Sharif has said that if his conditions are accepted only then he will join this force else not.

Raheel Sharif in the past was reported as the new commander of this force. But now the news are that he has not accepted the post yet. He wants the Saudis to consider his conditions first and then he will decided about this job. He has not taken the offer at the moment.

The first condition is something that give the Saudi regime a lot of issues. Raheel Sharif has given them a hard one here. He wants Iran to be a part of this coalition. Now we all know about the relations and their history between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The two countries always carried bitter relations and their history is full of allegations upon each other. So now Raheel Sharif wants Iran to be a partner is something which will disturb the Saudis. Will they accept this condition is very tough question.

Then comes the over all authority of the seat. Raheel Sharif has clearly stated that he will not be answerable to anyone. He wants a complete command and authority if he takes this job. This means that not even the Saudis can ask him a question about his decisions on this matter. Now looking at the overall Saudi structure, these two conditions will be very hard for them to accept. Now if they don’t accept these conditions they will loose a man who has a huge amount of respect for his work in all around the world. There is no better option for this post than Raheel Sharif. If they accept these conditions then it will mean that changes have come in the thinking pattern of the Saudi regime.

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