Peer makes mobile chargeable all the time

Another strange incident has been reported and this time there is science and technology involved in it. A person has claimed that his mobile is charging all the time without any wire or Bluetooth charging. Now that is pretty amazing to see.

This person claims that there is absolutely no wire attached to his cell phone and also there is no Bluetooth charging concept involved here as well. As per him his peer is the reason behind this thing. He had charging issues when he came to meet him and now that issue is resolved.

As per the details this man came a long way from some village to meet his peer. When he met him the peer asked him about his health and other stuff. The man replied that there is no such issue with him but one and that is his cell phone.

He said that he has to charge it up all the time. The peer then took the hand of this man into his own and then the two sat there for more than ten minutes and after that when the man left his cell phone was all charged up.

From that day onward the mobile phone has not lose any charging. When the battery gets low it automatically starts charging. Now this is a video made by a cell phone in which we can see the mobile phone charging all by itself. There is no wire attached and we can clearly see that. There is no Bluetooth icon displaying which means that the phone is not connected to any Bluetooth device. So there is something which we all cannot see. It may be a miracle but there is a problem in accepting it. In the past we have seen the peers make fake miracles and then they manipulate the common people. This can be one of those things and can also be a true one as well.

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