Om Swami unethical gesture with girl

Om Swami once again gets into trouble. The old man did some unethical gestures with two of the participants of the show in which he was a part of. Om Swami in the past has been known for his bad behavior but here he has done something really bad.

Om Swami as per the reports was angry that why he was not selected as the leader of all the people present in the show. As a result he went for a revenge and in that he went too far. Now the participants are not happy with him and want him out of the show.

If Pakistan has the peers making things complicated then in India we have the swamis. Now these two clans are the biggest hurdle in the overall mental and education growth of the general public in India and Pakistan. They need to be removed at the earliest.

The issue is that these people make money and fame on the name of religion. In both Pakistan and India people are very much religious. They love their religion. Now this issue is that they don’t have the overall knowledge of even the basics of religion.

Here comes these people who misuses the people’s trust and faith over religion. Now the question is that if this Swami is a good man then how come he has put this much hate in himself. He did not even let a girl walk her way out. This is what the people are saying in India.

Now as per the reports most of the people who have seen this show are in shock to see swami going this far in his hate. They feel that it was too much from the man who preaches religion and definitely this needs to delt hard by the show management. This is the issue which needs a permanent solution as per the locals.

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