Old Pakistani actress tells her pain

There was an old drama serial in Pakistan which gained a lot of attention in the kids. Ainak Wala Jin is like a prominent childhood memory for many kids in Pakistan. This drama was one of the famous one in the history of Pakistan TV.

One of the actresses from this drama is living a very miserable life now. Her video went viral on social media in which she made an appeal to the people of Pakistan to help her. Now she has gotten some help from the people. There are good people still present in Pakistan.

This actress did the role of a witch who was the sister of the main magician who was the villain of the episode as well. This drama was a super hit show and it gave a lot of recognition to the actors and actresses. But then with time the names of them all faded away.

This actresses after so many years came out from the darks and her condition is very poor. She does have a home or anything. She use to beg in order to get some money and buy some food. The typical Pakistani problem. When God made this earth he did not sent the people down with some label.

In the Islam the perfect way to spend life, the riches have been ordered on a few occasion about a few things and then asked as well on many occasions to give their wealth to the poor. If you don’t want to give all of it then don’t give it, but then give something, some share.

Her video became viral on the internet and now people are helping this lady. She is grateful to all those who have helped her in her dark days. She is happy that she now has some money to do something. Earlier there was nothing what she had.

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