Man in comma giving Azan

An old man in comma was seen giving Azan. Now that was his subconscious which was doing this and the man despite being in comma was moving as per the commands. Out subconscious is a very powerful thing which people don’t know much about.

This man was in comma for so many months and yet we see him here giving Azan. He was the caller to prayers win a mosque. So this is the reason the words of the Azan were magnet to his subconscious. As a result he was giving Azan.This can be referred to as a miracle. This can also be termed as a habit as well. Our habits become a part of our subconscious. Now when he was not even mentally present still the subconscious makes us do things which are used to. Like throwing of something in a particular manner.

Some people do rubs their fingers in their hairs. This is what you call habits. Now habits are part of the subconscious. This man had the habit of calling people to prayers in a mosque. Now he used to perform this duty five times a day.

So the habit got strong on him. But then again it is one of the most beautiful habits. Calling someone for prayers is a gesture or act that has a very high reward in the afterlife. The books and revealed knowledge tells us that this is a noble duty.

Now in this world of science and technology there are things which we try to observe under the light of science. Now you cannot observe everything under the scope of science. Emotions are something which are not scientific and they don’t have anything to do with science. They are natural and they are in every human being. Even the animals have a lot of emotions and they tend to reflect them as well according to the solution.

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