Indian army insulted by own soldier

An Indian army soldier has made a video of the food that is given to him and his regiment. The soldier was vey furious. He said that this kind of food is not even given to the animals and yet they are force to eat these kind of things. The soldier looked very upset.

He is posted at a very risky post and there is no doubt that because of the tension between India and Pakistan the lives of soldiers from both the sides are always at stake. The soldier did try to keep his calm but then we all have a limit and his was crossed here.

This video has went viral in India and people once again have started bashing the Indian government and senior army officials. As per the Indians this is not the way these men should be treated. Now in the video we can see the extreme conditions of the atmosphere behind.This man said that people can see the snow present behind him. He said that there are extreme temperatures here and they have to serve their duty for more than eleven hours. He said that they all do their duty with all the honesty.

But in return they don’t get the facilities which should be given to them. He said that the food is not proper. The cooking is pathetic and most of the men get ill after eating this food. Then there is no other facilities for living as well. He got emotional saying that they are serving the country for what. There are always worries about the lives of their loves one. They never get to know what is going at the back in their homes. Their lives are not easy and on top of that they are getting nothing from the state and the senior army officials. This video is going to change a lot of things now.

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