Indian actress gets married finally

Beautiful Indian actress Naheed Cyrusi has finally tied the knot. He has married her boy friend and now with that another Indian actress has finally tied the knot. Naheed has done some good number of films but unfortunately none of them have worked on the box office.

She has done well in her films but overall there were other issues with the films and as a result they could not deliver at the box office. Naheed is a beautiful actress who just did not get the luck in the films. This is her Bollywood life story.

Naheed did some crazy and controversial things in her career as well just to let people know that she is present around. But we all know these things too don’t last long. Everything has an expiry and even fame and things like these have their own ending days as well.

As for her beauty there is no doubt that she was one of the most beautiful faces of her times. She did some music videos as well. She did some modeling as well. So if a girl is doing all these then one should not doubt about her talent.

Naheed was talented as well. She just did not get the luck factor on her side. We have seen that in the world of glamor if you have a beautiful face then you can cover up a lot of other weaknesses but then there are some who have this but still they fail out and Naheed is one of those people.

She is now married and her plans are pretty straight now. She is not returning to films and try her luck again. She will be a house wife and will spend her time with her husband. She said that she has done her part in the films and now wants to live a normal life with her lovely husband.

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