Craziest animals fight caught on tape

These footages are the craziest of the animals fight ever caught on tape. When an animal gets angry then it hardly sees the size and power of the opponent. It just attacks its opponent and tries to dominate the fight. That is how it happens in the jungle.

Now here there are five fights shown. There are many which take place on regular basis in the jungle. But at the same time we have to get the best and these are the best of them all in the jungle. Some of the animals shown here fighting are considered to be very gentle ones.

First we see a Giraffe attacking a lion. Now mostly the Giraffes don’t get involved into fights in the wild. But here the lion made the Giraffe so much angry that it started chasing the lion. The lion when saw the giraffe coming at him like this, it had to run for its life.

Then we see an anaconda trying its luck on a crocodile. The hungry anaconda did not get anything so it decided to go after the crocodile. The anaconda was hiding in the aquatic plants when the crocodile moved near it and the anaconda attacked it.

Now this was a typical anaconda attack scene. The anaconda wrapped itself around the crocodile and started suffocating it. The crocodile on the other hand was trying with all his powers to get itself released from the grip of the giant snake.

Now we all know that anacondas has some seriously powerful grip. They have this prime power amongst snakes to crush the bones of the pray with their power and then stop the breathing of the pray as well. This is how anaconda attacks and takes the life of pray. The anaconda here won the fight and the crocodile unfortunately lost the battle and life as well. It was a very serious fight for sure.

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