Women’s pet cats going against each other

A women left her cats behind home and went on a vacation. On return she saw some horrible scenes at her home. She left at least more than ten cats and there was only one survivor when she returned. Rest all made each other their food.

The one which survived was almost there to lose its life. The women involved the security officials as well. She first thought someone broke into her house. It was only the details of the whole incident that absolutely shocked her and the people present at the scenes.

As per the reports the owner of all these cats had to went out to her sister. She did gave food to the cats but that proved out to be not that enough. The last came back to her house after three to fours days. When she entered the house the first thing she noticed was a strange smell.

Then she did not hear any cat screaming or making any sound. She was a little surprised and then she started to get the indications that something bad has happened. There were bones scattered on the floor. The skin was seen present at different places in the house.

The things present in the kitchen and other room were totally disturbed. The lady then informed the local security department. This was pretty bizarre to see how the cats went at each other. They were hungry and they were not been able to find any food. As a result the cats took out each other as food.

The lady found just one cat alive and even that cat was almost losing its final breaths. It was taken to the medical center. As per the lady she never thought this would happen in her absence. She said that she thought she has given the cats enough food but she was tally wrong.

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