Women goes in the grave for practicing magic

From the world of men doing strange things and practices to one woman who has jumped into the same field. Pakistan is indeed a strange land where you can expect anything from anyone. Now even women are involving themselves into practicing magic.

As per the reports this women has a fake peer who asked her to just go in a live grave and then perform a ritual. After the completion of this ritual the woman is set to get all her wishes come true. The media was there as usual reporting another sensational story.

This women is a mother of kids and yet she decided to take this action which is not ethical and even the religion is pretty strict on such things. Islam prohibits its followers to stay away from magic and related things as they weakens your faith.

The lady went to the grave and started the job she was given. Now her husband was aware of the situation and he was not willing to let her wife do all this but the lady made him agreed at the final moment. Now as the lady goes to the grave the media was informed as well.

Within no time the media was there standing around the grave and they were reporting the scenes. Now the sensation from the media was unethical. They should have done what the society demands from them. One of them should have talked to the lady.

Instead of telling the lady that her actions were wrong the media was busy in getting her interview on why she is doing it and all the questions. Definitely she was doing this because she wanted a better life. Now that is not a wrong wish at all. But one should keep in mind that he or she has to follow the right steps while looking at all the desires inside.

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