Sanam Baloch tells husband’s secrets

Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah are one of the most beautiful couples in the world of glamour in Pakistan. The two have a love marriage and they are a star couple in Pakistan. Both are related to the world of TV and media.

Sanam in a recent show invited the team of a Pakistani film in which her husband played a role as well. During the program she said that her husband is so focused on his work that even when he is doing routine stuff at home, he used to prepare his lines.

Sanam hosts a morning show and her husband was present in that show. She said that she would like to tell a few things about her husband. Now Abdullah did interrupt saying that she should not open up his secrets to the world. The couple showed a great chemistry here. Sanam said that Abdullah mostly rehearses his lines while doing common jobs inside the house. She gave a couple of examples as well. She said that once Abdullah was having breakfast when she heard him speaking something.

She thought that he was talking to someone. When went to him and asked him about whom he was speaking to and the answer was no one just rehearsing the lines. Now the same issues happened once when Abdullah was in the bathroom. She said that she was in the room when she heard Abdullah talking in the bathroom. Sanam said that she was pretty surprised as Abdullah’s mobile was present outside the bathroom on the table and yet he was speaking to someone inside. She asked him again about the voices and Abdullah said that he was just preparing his dialogues. Everyone laughed but then admired Abdullah for his dedication. Sanam even is proud that her husband takes his work really seriously. She said that most of the men don’t do such kind of things.

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