Salman and Mahira Khan lives in danger

Another shocking news from the media as Aamir Liaqat Hussain in his recent show reported that the lives of many Indian film related celebrities are in danger. Aamir in his show even said that Om Puri’s death was not accidental at all.

Now these are some big allegations as well as news from the anchorperson. Aamir Liaqat even named Salman Khan, Mahira Khan, Javed Akhtar, Mukesh Bhatt and many other names are also there in the list. He said that these celebrities will be attacked as well.

As per Aamir there are some people who are part of the Indian government and they are planning to lay harm to Salman and many other great of the Bollywood industry. Now if you have noticed most of these names are Muslims. Then those who care Hindus they don’t have the anti-Pakistan sentiments. Now the government of Indian is not getting that strength else they would make every Indian hate Pakistan. This is a game of politics and every one should keep that in mind.

Every time something bad happens in India and Pakistan there are lo to of people seen going against each other from India and Pakistan. But them there are some who want a peaceful society and neighbors. As per most of the Indian and Pakistani people the issue sis with the corruption. They want the corruption.

Salman Khan was not happy when Indian government asked the Pakistani actors and actresses to leave Indian as soon as possible. Now as per Salman this no the right way to tell someone to just leave a country. He said that people should support the Pakistani actors and actresses. He said that there was no need to make thing more complicated. As per the Bollywood hero he feels art should be boundary less. This is how love is spread amongst common people. That is Salman Khan for you.

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