Grave opens up itself in Pakistan

It seems that the grave opening news are in the media these days in Pakistan. Another grave opening news in is the social media these days. People are taking a lot of interest in this news. Most of them are obviously fake and fabricated.

In the past we have seen that there are many news related to grave openings turned out to be tally fake. The opening of grave itself is not something unusual. There are natural reasons for it and the biggest of those reasons is the nature of the soil.

In the past we first saw some footages of people digging a grave. The reason was not discussed by the people digging the grave. What made this video interesting was that there was a lot of police present around when this was being done. Now if this would have been illegal then the police should have done something. But that did not happen at all. People were standing at one corner of the graveyard and looking at the opening of this grave. This happened in Pakistan. In fact most of these cases reported happened in Pakistan.

Then there was this second incident reported in which the people claimed that one certain grave just opened up. The investigation told that it did not open but just went down because of the wet soil. A lot of rain happened and as a result the grave could not hold to its place. That is another major reason.

We have discussed this certain issue a lot. There is nothing like some invisible forces doing such kind of acts. There are physical and scientific reasons for this. People believe that there are forces which tend to do these kinds of things bit never ever there has been any proof given. The people in this part of the world needs education at the earliest else this darkness will prevail in their talks.

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