Aishwarya gets into trouble again

Aishwarya Rai Bachan gets herself into trouble again. The former Miss World and the wife of Bollywood hero and son of Amitabh Bachan Abhishek Bachan is being trolled badly on Social media one again. This time again it is about her dress.

Now this is not the first time that Aishwarya has been trolled badly for her dress. In the past we have seen her being trolled for many dresses and even hair style and make up as well. This time it is a head piece which the former Miss World should have not worn.

Recently Aishwarya was invited at a Derby race in Australia. Aishwarya was one of the main guest and hence she had to attend the event. She went there wearing a beautiful top which had shades of yellow and navy blue. There is no doubt that her top was looking so elegant. She was wearing a frock dress as well. Now when that was really matching the top and adding more beauty to her overall looks. But then the hair piece was something which messed up all the things for Aishwarya.

The black and white hair piece was making absolutely no sense in the overall look of the dress. This one piece killed the overall impression of the dress and the beauty of Aishwarya. She should have left it back home. A mistake made again and again opportunity comes for people to troll her.

In the past once she was badly trolled for the purple lipstick she wore. Now she was wearing an elegant black dress but that purple lipstick ruined the overall impression once again. There are a lot of times when Aishwarya has been trolled for her dressing and makeup. She certainly needs a better designer and makeup artist. There is no doubt that every now and then she has to face trolling on social media by the common people.

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