Shark attacks becomes unsuccessful

A shark attack became unsuccessful when a little fish whom the big one tried to attack just jumped out of the mouth. The shark also grabbed the little fish but then at the last moment when the shark was trying to dive back in the sea, the little fish slipped out.

This was pretty amazing scene in the end. It was hard to believe that how the little fish slipped out. Sharks do have some really sharp teeth and they grab their pray with some really strong force. But then again this was a lucky day for the little fish.

The images were taken by a photographer who was present in a boat which was hovering over the waters in the sea. The photographer was there to capture the images of the wild life and this was his lucky day, he got the best shot for his work.

The little fish was swimming around and it somehow did not see the big shark coming towards it. Now when shark was near the little fish only then it realized the presence of the big giant. The little fish tried to escape but it was late by then.

The shark attacked the little fish and grabbed it from its sharp teeth. Now when the shark tried to dive back in the waters the grip somehow got lose and the little fish jumped out of the mouth of the shark. It was one of the most sensational scenes to witness from the wild life. The shark did try to go back after the little fish but by that time the little fish swim away from the reach of the giant predator. It swim for its life and that was the reason that it immediately disappeared in the waters. The shark then went on one side of the waters and it too disappeared in the deep waters.

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