Shaikh Rasheed mistakenly goes to ladies washroom

Shaikh Rasheed is one of the main opposition leader in Pakistan politics at the moment. Rasheed is one of the favorite persons in the media as well. Most of the time he is seen sitting in front of the media and give the government of PMLN a hard time.

The people of Pakistan loves him and they really like him to watch. This is the reason that the TRP of the show in which Rasheed is sitting is always higher compared to the other ones. He is always present around on any channel giving his expertise on the modern politics in Pakistan.

Rasheed is current the second face which the PMLN people don’t like at all. They are seen blazing their guns at him. Rasheed does not care about all the criticism he is receiving from the government members. Here we see Rasheed coming out of a ladies washroom at the Supreme Court.

Rasheed was there at the Supreme Court following the Panama Papers case. Rasheed mistakenly went to the ladies washroom. He did not read the board which was present at the top. He just went in straight and when he came out the media was there waiting for him.

The media member said to Rasheed that he looks under pressure in the Panama Papers case. He did not even recognize where he was going. Rasheed smiled only on this one. When asked about the evidences for the allegations he has made on the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Rasheed said that the evidences will come out from the case itself. He was pretty sure that his case is strong and people will see the results in the end. He said that there are many things which will open up with the passage of time. Rasheed and Imran Khan are the two forces which are behind this case and they are hoping for justice.

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