Pakistani actress got divorce after 2 weeks of marriage

Pakistani actress Areej Fatima got divorce just after two weeks of her marriage. He was 23 when she got married. Her Husband name was Faraz Khan. Areej came to know about his immoral activities and she was left with no other option but to leave him.

In an interview Areej accepted that she was married but she then got divorce as his husband was not a good man. She said that she was a man without character and ethics and she could have not lived with him for the rest of her life. She then decided to end the relationship.

Areej never spoke about this topic in public. She was not ready to disclose the details of her divorce to anyone. She was seen saying that there was some issue that ended their relationship and that was it. But now the details are out of her divorce.

As per the media Faraz is a not a good man at all. He is involved in many indecent activities and has alcohol problems as well. Areej tried her best to get him out of these problems but she failed. At the end she took her leave from the relationship.

It was the media who got the inside details and the sad part is that her ex-husband threatened her as well. He said that if she opened up about him in the media then she will be hurt. This is the reason that Areej did not speak of the reason why she got the divorce from her husband. This is a normal thing in media. There are secret marriages and then there are divorces. The glamour seen in this industry is nothing but illusion. There is no truth in it. Most of the people involved in this sector are not good people at all. They are involved in immoral activities. This is the truth about this sector.

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