Horse cries on owner’s funeral

A horse showed its emotions in the funeral of his owner. The owner died and the horse only came to know when the funeral was ready. The hose then realized that its owner was no more in this world. He started crying and there were tears on the eyes of the horse seen.

As per the relatives of the owner of the horse, they two had a great relationship. They were always there for each other and they were almost inseparable. The two loved each other and that is the reason that this horse was seen crying at the funeral.

The details of this incident are that this man brought this horse when it was very little. The man raised the horse like his own child. He was the mother and father of this horse and the horse naturally started to love this man in return. The two were really close to each other. The horse was kept in a special place. There were special arrangements made for him according to the weather. The horse felt all the ease in the world in this place and on top of it was the love it got from the owner.

Now as the owner died the horse sensed it. The horse was literally seen crying and in this video we see that how this horse was shedding tears as the coffin carrying his owner was taken in front of its eyes. These were some emotional scenes seen at the funeral. As per the kids of this man their father took this horse as a child. He never took the horse as an animal but like a human and he loved him with all his heart. This love and affection is what they all have seen here. The horse was there at the funeral and he showed the tears to all the audience present at the funeral.

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