Shark attacks a man on sea shore

Mostly the sharks done come near the shores but then again when you are unlucky or it is not your day they come out for you near the shores. This is what has happened here with this man. He was standing at the start of the sea and a shark comes out and attacks him.

One of the friends of this man were making videos and we could see them screaming as the shark came out of nowhere and attacked this man. Now this incident happened during night time and hence the man could not see the shark coming. As per the local media, swimmers and surfers are not allowed to go into the waters at night. Australian sea shores are the only ones where you could witness a shark any time. There are safety measures made but this was not one of those areas.

As per the life guards this part of the beach is prohibited for the visitors. These group of people came at night and they were just partying around. One of them went for a swim and met this unfortunate accident. The man is now in a local hospital for treatment.

As per him he just wanted to have a swim in the waters and it was dark hence he could not see the shark coming else he would have never ever entered the waters. It was a huge mistake made on his account. He is now better but will remain in the hospital for at least a month.

The camera has infrared and as a result the images were captured in the dark. The man who was recording the incident said that the shark came from nowhere. He made some footages of the sea and at that time there was no shark present. He looked around pretty carefully. But then at the end it just came out and attacked his friend.

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