Quality check methods for cows in West

There is a lot of debate on the quality check measures which the West farmers and scientist have applied on the animals. For instance the way we see here, this method is applied on the cows. With this mechanism the cow’s internal conditions in checked.

As per the leading scientist in his field. The opening which they have made at the top of the cow’s stomach enable them to have a look at the waste material of the cow. Now by looking at the color of this waster material the scientists get an idea about the overall health of the cow.

This is not an old technique in the West. People have started it in the last few years. In this process the cow gets a cut on the top of the stomach. Now with that cut a hole is made into the portion where the cow makes it waste material.

This is pretty interesting science that from looking at the waste material of the cow. There is a whole study of it. Most of the famers now have experience and not study. They have been around this business for many years now and they know all of it.

As per the reports these cows give special quality milk which is good for the health. There is no chemicals added in this milk. It is the purest form of dairy milk. Now this is the end product for which all this science has been developed. As per the farmers they cannot and will not comprise on the quality of the milk.

This is their ethics which they are bound to implement on themselves and their coming generations. Here in this part of the world nothing is pure. Even milk is made with chemicals that are very harmful and they needed to be stopped. People who does this business of selling poor quality milk should be punished.

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