Most dangerous roads in the world

There are places in this world where you feel a lot of scare while being present there. There are dense forests, deserts and a lot of other places. Now you can think that a road will not be a place in the list if these scariest places. But there are some roads that are like real scary.

Here we see a list of ten roads that are pretty scary to drive on. These roads were constructed as there was a big need of it but there is not much traffic on these roads because of the risks involved in the driving. Only a few people who are not scared do drive on these roads.

Now many of these roads are built in modern countries. The architect of these roads is pretty amazing. For instance one of these roads is built over an ocean. Now when the weather gets bad we can see the waves hitting the road and making pretty wet.

Now in result it gets slippery and hence driving becomes pretty hard on such kind of roads. This is one of the examples. Now in Pakistan there are a few certain roads which are highly dangerous and still vehicles are driven on these roads.

These roads are present in the Northern areas of this land. They are made by cutting mountains and as a result these roads are present at the highest points. There are small barriers at the sides to make sure the vehicles fall down but that is not certain. One of these roads is present in the west as well. It is also highly risky to drive a car or any other vehicle on it. So there are a lot of roads in this world which are example of modern architect but at the same time they are highly dangerous when it comes to driving them. Pretty amazing to see the footages.

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