Lions and tigers best circus performances

Lions and Tigers are mostly found in the wild but there are a few who are living with humans. These wild animals are part of different circuses. These lions and tigers perform different stunts in the circus and huge audience in always present to witness these acts.

This one here is one of the best circus in the world. It has a huge fan following. There are thousands of people who like this circus a lot. The main attraction on this circus is the lions and tigers stunt. That is also the favorites of many of the fans as well.

In here there is one lion present amongst many tigers. The instructor first shows the way for two tigers to come up near the lion. The lion then stands in the middle and the two tigers put their front paws on the back of him and stands up. This is then followed by another formation. This time the lion leads the tigers in this one. The discipline the tigers followed was really good. They animals made sure that they don’t come in the way of each other. They were right behind each other in this one.

Then comes another big one. In this performance the lion comes in the middle and the tigers goes on both his side. Now the tigers one by one stands tall on the back paws. The stood up and right at the end it was the lion who does the same. This one gathered a lot of claps.

There were a lot of stunts performed from these tigers and this lion. All of them were absolutely brilliant and they were in the right coordination. Now this is not an easy job to do. You need a lot of discipline and coordination and being animals sometimes it gets difficult but not here. Here the animals rocks this circus with their superb show.

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