Hail storm in Russia makes people scare away

A hail storm hit a Russian beach in absolutely no time and created a panic situation amongst the people present at the beach. There was a party going on and the people had to take shelter as the hail storm was pretty severe. The impact was huge here.

As per the reports, a newly wedded couple threw a part for the family and friends at this beach. The whole gang was present near the shores and enjoying their party. The weather was somewhat hazy but there was no prediction of rain and especially hail storm.

As per the news, a newly wedded couple planned a beach party and they invited their friends and family as well. This video was made by one of the guests in the party. Now we can see here that they were all looking happy and easy near the sea. Then all of a sudden the hail storm came up and the impact was really huge here. There were big ice pieces falling out from the skies and they hit pretty hard because of the velocity they have. The people immediately started running around.

They were all looking for shelters as it was getting really hard to just standing in the hail storm. The married couple interestingly were the first to run for safety. The guests followed them. They were lucky that a lot of shelter was present nearby and they all went under them.

As per the weather forecast department this hail storm was an unexpected one. There was nothing on the readings and it just came out of nowhere. The big pieces of ice were there present on the sand. The size of them were pretty big. They must have hurt those whom they have hit. The party was spoiled and the guests then returned to their homes. This proved out to be a bad day for them all.

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