Giant skeletons found near the Arabian Desert

Giant human skeletons have been discovered near the Arabian Desert and they have absolutely stunned the world. These skeletons are huge in size and they show that the stories we used to hear about giant humans living thousands of years ago were no lies.

During the search of oil and gas reservoirs in KSA, these skeletons were found. The local government gave access to these sights. The further search showed that there were many skeletons buried under ground for thousands of years. Now the remains of these humans are huge.

Now there are speaking of such people in the holy book of the Muslims. God created large size humans. They were big and powerful and they used to live in homes built inside mountains. They were all had powers like Hercules. There was a prophet sent in them as well. They did not listen to their prophet and abused him as well. At the end it was God’s wrath that took upon these people and they all vanished in their homes. It is said that a breeze flew in their living area and drive out their last breaths.

These people were so strong that they used to put their arms around a tree and uproot it with ease. These skeletons how us clearly that how much big these people were. This is what these people were but then at the end they all had to leave this earth.

In all the holy books one rule is pretty certain and that is God says if you are good in obeying his orders then he will give you a lot of rewards. But if you don’t listen to his commands and kept on disobeying him then certainly there will be some punishment. These humans got the punishment here. They did not put ears to the words their prophet said. They were taken in their sleeps.

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