Cheapest car in the Pakistan hits market

There you go for all the Pakistanis who want cheapest car in the market. This is the deal. This car is the cheapest one and it has gone viral in Pakistan. It has been made by a Pakistani engineer. He has been working on this project for a long time now.

He said that he wanted to build a car which was easily affordable to all the Pakistani. This two seat car is best for a couple. It is comfortable as well. You will not have to pay a huge sum of money to get this one. It is in your range and one can try it easily.

The built of this car is really good. It is not that much big and can easily be parked around. The engine is good. It is again a medium range one and not the heaviest one of them all. The vehicles in the market have some really powerful engines.

Now at the moment there is only one car here present in Pakistan which is this much cheapest. Now all the other cars even the cheapest ones start from 6 Lac. This is the rate of a brand new which we are talking about here. You can get a second hand car in a low price but it will have its own issues.

There are always issues in buying a second hand car. You are never sure that whether you have picked the right one or not. Most of the time there are issues which don’t even know by looking at it at the first place. They only come out lately. So there are some good and bad aspects in the car business. Now what one can do here is that they should give it a try. There is not much money involved and hence one could easily take a chance on this car.

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