After Chai Wala, Chai Wali comes in Pakistan

After the success of Chai wala comes the Chai wali in Pakistan and like him she is a hit package as well. Her video has gone viral and people are interested to know her story. This lady who sells tea in Lahore is a professional lawyer as well. Now that is pretty surprising.

Talking to the media she said that she had this concept in her mind to open a tea house. She said that there is tea served in her hotel. She conceived the idea of a hotel like this from he typical road side small hotels in Pakistan. She even named her hotel on the same theme.

This hotel is located in Lahore and it is pretty famous for this kind of service. As per the owner this lady said that she was always fascinated about the truck hotels in Pakistan. The tea served in these hotels is pretty strong in taste.

They put a lot of tea and les sugar and milk in these teas. It gives the drivers a strong mentality and they don’t fall asleep. Such tea is a blessing for these drivers. They have to travel a long way from one part of the country to the other one. So they need refreshments like these.

She said that the idea came in her mind from these hotels and she decided to make a small hotel cased on such kind of a tea. Now her hotel is known as one of the best in this business. She said in winters people do like her tea a lot. In this part of the world tea is a must essential. Most of the Pakistanis drink a lot of tea and they love it a lot. She said that she has a special ingredients in her tea and that makes it pretty tasty. This is why people come to her hotel.

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