Possessed man seen in the mosque

This is one of the holiest places for the Muslims around the globe. Now the Muslims who live in the countries like Pakistan and India re not that much educated and they believe a lot in super natural things. They feel that their religion even is very much super natural.

Islam is one religion which the most practical of them all. It gives the real meanings to the life. Now in this religion there are concepts of some super natural creatures but the way these creatures are now presumed in the minds of Muslims is something which Islam at least does not tell.

Now the people from Pakistan and India are firm believers of these things and they think that these things can make changes in their lives. Pakistan and India re not good in the education field and due to this lack of education especially in the Muslims is keeping them behind.

In this world of science and technology where even the concept of God is getting out of the lives of people around the globe, thinking still on these things looks silly. This should be thrown out now. There is one entity that can make a change in the lives of humans and that is God.

Rest is his creations and there is no way possible that against the will of God anything can lay harm on you. If you do get something harming you then there are clear verdicts on the reason you are getting them. Problems comes for two reasons. Either they are the results of your sins or the God is testing you. Now if it is a test then don’t fear the God is with you and if it is a punishment then repent immediately. He is merciful and don’t not treat his creation with anger all the time. These are the simple rules to follow.

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