Pilot saves plane from massive crash

A US flight could have met an unfortunate end but the pilot did not lose his control over his nerves and saved the lives of 150 plus passengers lives. This was a miracle that happened. As per the people flying in the plane, they all thought that their end is near.

This plane was flying from US and just reaching its destination some malfunction happened. The pilot tried everything but the plane was not getting steady. Eventually the pilot had to make an emergency landing and he landed the plane in a river. This was a herculean task and the pilot performed it.

A special documentary was made upon this incident. There are interviews recorded from the passengers who escaped this crash. The all said that it was very scary and they thought that the end was there for them but they are grateful to the pilot.

It was the pilot who saved everyone. He did not panic and that was the main thing that saved. He was there trying his best to keep the plane in control. There was just one solution that an emergency landing should be made. Now the terrain was not possible for the landing. There was a river and at that point the pilot decided to try his luck and let the plane land in the waters. Now that was a big risk which the pilot took. Anything could have been happened after this. The pilot did a great job.

Now he hit the plane on the waters and then started controlling it. He made sure that the plane stays on the waters and does not go towards the shore. This was another good thinking from the pilot. There were houses on the shore and they could have easily been hit if the plane landed on the shore. This is one of the best miracles pilot have produced.

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