People caught a date in the fields

Another couple caught in the fields making a date and other video goes viral. If these people who have caught this couple romancing in the fields then what is the purpose of making a video of them. This is just because they wanted to blackmail the couple and nothing much.

This is the worst thing. This is not morality. If the couple was doing something wrong then at the same time the making of their video is also something that is very unethical. The couple was almost on their knees begging the people to just let them go and don’t make a movie.

As per the locals, this couple had developed feelings for each other and they use to meet each other in the fields. The parents of both these do not know much about their relationships. As per the locals some of the villagers did not like it at all.

They start watching them and at the end one day they caught them. Now this video here shows that the boy and the girl did not make any mistake but still they were being threatened by some of the villagers. Some said that they should be beaten while other said that they should be handed ober to the police.

Now this is injustice. They did not do anything wrong then why these people were saying bad things about this couple. They should have been left alone so that they can talk to each other. As per the couple they are planning to get married but now as the villagers will tell this to their parents it will become hard. This is not a crime to meet someone in public or in private. India has a democratic country and everyone has the right to remain what they feel comfortable. This is the real situation in India and people don’t like it at all.

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