Pakistan’s first transgender model speaks for herself

Pakistan first transgender model has finally come out on the main stream media. She has recorded an interview and in that she has spoken on a lot of things. As per the model she was not shy and wanted to make a name for herself.

She said that she took her education and made sure that she works like all the other man and women. She said that there are many fields in Pakistan where the transgender can work and they can do wonders. It is all about the opportunity that is presented to them.
Now this model has done a lot of shoots and that too for some big fashion magazines in Pakistan. She is living in Karachi for many years now and she loves this city. It has given her a lot of opportunities now. She also has a husband as well.

Now Pakistani society once again in divided into two groups over this transgender issue. One says that these are normal human beings and they should be treated like any other human being. They should be given jobs as well. They should be given proper education so that in the future these people could do for the benefit of the country.

Then there is the second group who is pretty much conservative. They feel that these people have no place in the society and if they do have then they should not be more than dancers and that is it. Now this conservative group is mostly those people who are not educated at all. Some may be semi educated but no one would be highly qualified. Education changes the mindset and hence it is a primary concept in these parts of the world that education ruins you. Now people have started taking education serious. Before this there was just a dark time in Pakistan. Hope this changes things here.

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