Most unethical game show on PTV Home

A game show in Pakistan has been highly criticized in the recent past. The game involved a young a young girl and as per the audience the way she was playing the game was totally against the ethics of the Pakistani society. There is a limit to even entertainment as per the people.

In the game the girl was trying to put tennis balls in between her legs and then jumping to a ring before dropping them one by one. As per the people who have seen this, they are angry on the way this was done. They thought that it was not good for the young people.

The girl is wearing not a traditional dress as well. This was another thing which the people pointed out. In fact it was the first thing as the girl went on stage it was her dressing that kind of like offended people. The common people felt that this is not the right dress to wear on TV.

These kind of dresses make the people get angry as they are short and traditional not appropriate to wear. After this comes the game. Now as per the rules of the game the girl had to pick a ball then place her in between her legs and then jump towards a ring place on the other side of the stage.

Reaching there in the ring, the ball was to be thrown down. Now as per the people this kinds of games give a very bad impression to the kids especially the females. This is not the way these games should be promoted. There are many other ways to give entertainment as per the people. Now they said that this could have easily been scheduled to a quiz show. That would have given the kids an interest to learn more and more. This is useful and not what is shown here.

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