Fake Peer does indecent acts with female

Fake peers are one clan of people whom you fill find in abundance in Pakistan. People in this part of the world are not that much educated and they believe in a lot of super natural things. The irony is that most of them are Muslims and their religion is clear on such topics.

This here is a fake peer who knows nothing about religion. Most of them cannot even recite one single verse from the holy book of Muslims. These people don’t anything but how to play with the psyche of the common people who come in their trap.This news reporter did a courageous job when she went into the dark and caught this fake peer red handed. This peer was sitting in a grave yard at night. He was doing some spell which only he knew for whom he was doing it. The reporter went straight to him.

She asked her a few questions and the peer does not answer any of them first. He was busy in casting his spell. He did not even look up to notice that someone was standing beside her. Now this is what these guys to do with everyone.

The girl kept asking him questions and finally the peer decided to open his mouth. He asked the girl to leave him alone as he was busy in casting the spell. The girl did not go back. She insisted that the peer talk to her. Finally he did and this is another example for those who believe that these people know religion. This fake peer knows nothing about the religion. He was not even aware of the basic teachings of the religion. He was just mumbling around and was not able to answer any of the simplest questions the lady asked. This is fakeness at its peak and people should leave these people immediately.

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