Donkey slaughtering caught in Karachi

Another shameful incident has been reported in Karachi. A butcher was caught red handed selling donkey meat to the locals. The people immediately have launched an FIR against the butcher and they want the Police to give him a harsh punishment.

As per the details this butcher was often seen roaming a donkey around and most of the time there was always this whispering coming out of his meat house. He used to butcher the donkey in the night so that no one sees that and he does not get caught.

One of the locals was going to his house last night when he saw the gate of the meat house opened. He went inside just to see everything was ok. There he saw the butcher slaughtering a donkey. There were a few other people present around him as well.

The man did not let the butcher know about his presence. He silently went back and on the next morning he told everyone of the issue. The locals went to the police and took them with them and the captured the butcher. The meat was also taken in custody by the police.

The laboratory tests confirmed that it was Donkey’s meat which this butcher was selling in the name of cow and other meat. This was a horrible truth for the locals. Many of them even tried to attack the butcher in anger and frustration. The police then had to secure the butcher from the mob. This is not the first time that this kind of case has been filed. In Lahore this became a regular business and now people don’t go to the hotels and restaurants as they have a fear that this meat might be of a donkey rather than a cow or any other animal. The butchers who have been selling this meat are now behind bars and serving their punishment.

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