Atif Aslam new song released

Atif Aslam new song has been released and once again the rock star has absolutely nailed it down. His videos has gone viral and a lot of people are praising his voice once again in India and Pakistan. Atif Aslam has a huge fan following in the subcontinent.

The new song features a Bollywood actress as well. She is looking as glamorous as ever. Atif Aslam is not doing much projects in India as the ties between the two counties Pakistan and India are not in the best of shapes at the moment. Atif currently is busy in promoting his song.

Atif Aslam is now again in India but he is making a short tour this time. There are a few factions in India who don’t want Atif Aslam in their country. Even the likes of famous Indian signer Abhijeet is part of those factions. Abhijeet is a huge critic of Atif.

The Indian singer openly says that he does not like any Pakistani artist in his country. He said that these Pakistani artists are taking the right of the Indian people. It is an Indian industry hence Indians should be promoted and let work in this industry.

Atif Aslam has never replied back to Abhijeet. He feels that he is connected to music and his voice gives a clear message of peace and love to all the people in this world. He said that there are people who do not encourage you but your job is to be good with them. For all this people in India love Atif Aslam. They feel that Atif has a point here. He is from a field of art and art has no boundaries. They also are in favor of good relations between the two nations. This is a good thing to hope and feel for. The two nations have been together for a long time now.

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