Pathan gives a clear message to India

If there is any clan in Pakistan who are absolutely crazy in his life styles, thinking and work they are the Pathans. One of the bravest people on earth, Pathans are born with a slogan that nothing is impossible. They have this urge in most of them to conquer everything.

This is a prime example here in which we see a Pathan giving a shot with his ammunition. Now he hits his target that is placed on the head of another Pathan. Now to do this you have to be Pathan on both the place. The target and the hitter.

As per the reports this Pathan recoded this video to give a message to the Indians that they are not afraid to stand and fight against the Indian army. This video was recorded a few days ago when there was a tension between Pakistan and India.

Now who would want to like brave like the Pathans. Their history tells us all the major conquers who came to the subcontinent never fought with them. They preferred to give them their space and they went to the other parts of this land. The way Pathans live is something only they can afford. There is no way you can come as a stranger and adapt their living style. Their customs are different. Their values are strong. So it gets really hard for anyone to just come and take care of all the things.

In Pakistan the Pathans live in the province of KPK. Now they are pretty good in their selection. The people of KPK are voting for different political parties in order to make sure they give every one a chance. This is the best way to get the benefits of democracy. If a party has failed to deliver than don’t select them. Select those who have done something for the people.

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