Little boy and his anaconda friend

This is one of the most shocking videos you will ever see on the internet. A young boy has one of the most of deadliest snakes as his pet. Yes this kid has a pet anaconda and this snake is his best buddy. The kid plays a lot with this snake.

Most of the time the two even sleep together. Now this is something which would definitely amaze you a lot. This snake is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. It is not venomous but still it can hurt even giant animals. As per the reports this anaconda is with this family for a very long time now. The kid was a baby when this snake came to his home. The two grew up together and as man himself is an animal so the two formed a bond between each other.

They say love has no language. This is the prime case study for it. The animal cannot speak the language the boy speaks and the boy knows nothing about the language which this snake has in terms of being a reptile. But they are living with each other.

They spend most of the time together. The parents of this kid says that they never felt that their boy has some risks when it comes to living this much giant anaconda. This one here is a large snake. The footages give us a detailed idea about how much big this snake is. Call it a huge one. This is no ordinary snake. It is a giant and yet harmless when it comes to this family. There is a special love which even the snake shows to the kid. We could the snake rubbing itself with the boy. It is getting closer to him. The boy is sitting on the snake. Call this a true and one of the strangest friendships.

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